15 April 2006

Gift With Purchase

Hilariously, Apple has just e-mailed me to offer, as a thank-you for spending $1.08 at the iTunes Music Store, $30 off my next Apple Store purchase!

...of $300 or more.

Because having one dollar to download the new Built to Spill single clearly indicates that I have another 270 lying around to invest in electronics. And because nothing shows your appreciation more than offering your customers the rare opportunity to give your company even more money.

11 April 2006

Dawning Horror

I changed my hairstyle recently, to a shorter cut that's kind of a short shag (hee hee heeee) or long pixie and that I have been immensely pleased with, despite its unfortunate tendency to stick up exuberantly in the mornings (much to the amusement of my friend Shamsi, who got to see this clown-hair up close every morning we were in Alaska). It was ultra-cute and easy to fix almost every day. And then, without warning, precisely four weeks after the cut:


Seriously, on Thursday: normal hair. On Friday? Rakishly long in back while short on sides. It took me several minutes to put my finger on exactly what was off. Parted wrong? Flat on top? Too much product? No. With dawning horror, I realized that my look apparently evolved (or was it intelligently designed?!?) overnight from "rocking" to "business up front, party in the rear". Sure, I can take comfort that it's more of a glam-rock mullet than a NASCAR mullet, but it's still worrisome to find a mullet in the mirror before you've finished caffeinating. Adding to the eeriness is the dream my sister had several weeks ago in which she was me and I/she was sporting just such a mullet. And yea, it has come to pass.