22 February 2009

Valentine's Day Massacre

I work at a bakery to pay the bills while I'm in graduate school, which is usually pretty chill. Last week, however, all Hell broke loose due to everyone in Albuquerque deciding on February 13 that they wanted to get cupcakes for their significant others without having preordered them. We spent the day heaving new cupcakes into the gaping, sprinkle-strewn maw of the almost-empty display case and staring grimly at the acres of stuff still to be decorated. It was sort of like this:

only, you know, more tense.

03 February 2009

Open Letter to Everyone Wasting Money on Ziploc Zip 'n' Steam Bags

Dear Everyone Wasting Money on Ziploc Zip 'n' Steam Bags:

Get a damn casserole dish with a lid. Or, you know, a microwave-safe bowl with a plate on top of it. One-time investment, no waste.

Auntie Maim