20 June 2009

Tooth in Advertising

To be perfectly frank, blog ad, it would seem you only cured one yellow tooth.

07 June 2009

Films in Which Someone Yells, "Inappropriate Tank Top!"

...namely, me.

We saw the Wolverine movie this weekend, because I have an abiding affection for the X-Men, the fiancé has an abiding affection for comic book action movies, and the fiancé's father has an abiding affection for any movie, ever. And it was pretty good; even though no one yelled, "NOOO!", someone did yell, "Arrrghiiughhhhahhhhh!" which is animalistically comparable. I was glad the studio finally just knuckled under, cut the fat, and gave the people what they want from an X-Men movie, i.e., two hours of Wolverine, i.e., one hour of Hugh Jackman shirtless. Kudos to the wardrobe department for successfully walking the thin line between super-tight jeans and jeans the actor can still walk in at least somewhat normally, BTW.

But seriously, wardrobe department? The Canadian everyman/reluctant hero/misanthrope/lumberjack has a neverending supply of fashion-y wide-rib tanks? Compare and contrast:

A standard-issue undershirt:

Wolverine's undershirt:

Here's another look, in case you're not convinced yet.

SERIOUSLY? That is not a tank top you obtain while on the run, nude, from a secret government experimental superweapons program (spoiler!). That is not a tank top you wear to your lumberjacking job in the Canadian Rockies while trying to escape your mercenary past (spoiler!!!). That is not a tank top of which one has an endless supply wherever one happens to find oneself shirtless (which apparently happens A LOT if you are Wolverine) (SPOILER!!!!1!!1!). That is a $77 Swiss tank top.

I mean, I guess if you're a super-fancy lumberjack who is secretly 100 years old, you might have spent like 50 of those years squirrelling away $77 Swiss tank tops in various remote locations, you know, JUST IN CASE you find yourself on the run from a secret government experimental superweapons program, or whatever. And maybe his mutant accelerated healing power is somehow powerless in the face of minor fabric irritation, in which case he had plenty of time to find just the tank top that he could wear in his various mercenary-lumberjacking-fighting Sabretooth occupations without the heartbreak of chafing. But for those of us who don't choose to fanwank that kind of thing, but do choose to fixate on minor details of movies? It was SUPER DISTRACTING, producers.

But thanks for the elevator gag -- those never get old.