23 January 2007

I Just Really Like Toast

So, two of the many fantastic things I got for Christmas are a digital camera and a Hello Kitty toaster, which together make possible the post you are reading right now: a photo-essay about my breakfast. The world is a better place.

The old toaster: Toastmaster? Sure, I used to think so.

The new toaster is clearly more attractive.

Plain bread is lame.

My God! The image of Hello Kitty has miraculously appeared during the toasting process! Come on, that's just awesome.

If Hello Kitty were a religious icon, my house would be loaded with the devout right now. Luckily, it's just full of me. Eating cute toast with eggs.

Coming soon: I Swear I Had Some Marmalade in Here: An Apartment Recovers From the Dry Toast Incident

19 January 2007

You Win This Round, Roadrunner

I went to Albuquerque over the long weekend to see my lovely friends there, including but not limited to Cari and Shamsi, and to get one more day of snowboarding in before resigning myself to four months in the desert buried in books, a.k.a. the Spring semester. The trip was fantastic. I have no pictures to post, because the lady with the hard case for her camera was designated photographer, and she has been somewhat indisposed. I think she's fallen into a decline because I left.

The expectation was set high before I even got on the plane in Phoenix, because as I was waiting on line for security screening, I noticed a series of placards next to the carry-on baggage x-rays indicating you should not board with guns, knives, cans with flames coming out of them, or bombs.

Much to my delight, they were rendered approximately like so (I didn't take a picture, because I'm pretty sure there are few quicker routes to the little airport jail than using a camera near security installations):

Fortunately, I am neither Boris Badenov nor Wile E. Coyote, and so had no cartoon bombs in my luggage.

14 January 2007

You Don't Get a Picture of the Costume

A conversation about ElfQuest this week led to a fit of nostalgia -- my college roommates and I loved these graphic novels our sophomore year, even each dressing as a character for Halloween -- which led to this quiz:

You are Nightfall; the strong one!

Coincidentally, this is also the ElfQuest character I dressed as.

Not coincidentally, I am a huge geek.